From salemadmasu

“Finally, discourses are intimately related to the distribution of social power and hierarchical structure in society.  Control over certain discourses can lend to the acquisition of social goods (money, power, status) in a society.  These discourses empower those groups who have the least conflicts with their other discourses when they use them.”

In the context of the above quote, I’m wondering, will we ever see the abolition of the academic discourse? Or, would elitism insist on its existence as part of human beings’ natural needs to feel superior from others and segregate accordingly?

A fluency in the academic discourse promises an acceptance into a better social class but by the same phenomenon, excludes those who either have no access to it or fail to thrive in it. DOMINANT discourses marginalize the minority and in fact keep the minority at minority status, and benefits merely DOMINANT GROUPS.

My question is, are we waiting for the day when everyone somehow masters the dominant discourse or are we waiting for the day that there is no such thing as DOMINANT DISCOURSE??

How discriminatory and segregationist is the term DOMINANT! I can foresee the adoption of a euphemism for DOMINIANT sooner or later but even after that, the remaining fact will be that the one percent dictates the discourse of education of the 99 percent.

Are we, us future pedagogues, sitting here to debase the dominant discourse down to the mainstream discourse and improve the mainstream by a few more degrees so we can end up something accessible but not so shamefully mediocre?

If we continue to subscribe to the dominant discourse, won’t the dominant discourse continue to dominate us?


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